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I need to stop watching Lost

 So I have watched a truly massive amount of Lost in the last little while.  Seriously, it's a little sad and alarming how quickly I've made my way through the seasons.  Like any show the first season was def. the best--I'd almost be tempted to say that the second was just as good but there were some characters that I really fricking hated.  The thing that keeps me watching however, despite the frustrating bent the episodes have taken, are some of the characters.  Some of the new characters--well, one of the new characters, Desmond--are what keep me watching.  This show has had some wonderful characters but it has also had some seriously frustrating people so I thought I would create a list of all the characters on Lost that I would cliff.

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In other news it's about three weeks until I leave for Scotland.  How weird does that sound?  I'm starting the process of packing which is going slowly.  Once I get a chance to go to Grand Forks though, and get some clothes, I'll be able to start packing in earnest.  It's terrifying how much stuff I have to pack, there are tons of things that I'm going to need.  I'll need stuff for a full year, other than coming home at Christmas I'll be out there for a whole year.  How am I gonna fit all of that into just two bags?

Oh, and pedicures today!  Yay!!!  An entertaining break with the traditional end of summer pedicures my mum and I usually get is that my brother is going with us.  *giggle*

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 So I saw the latest episode of True Blood and Eric so totally needed a hug and I would have been happy to give him one.  Freaking Sookie (add your own repeats with different pronunciations), how can she choose Bill Am Vampire over Eric?  Or at the very least just kind of leave him all hug-less.  Oh well.

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Other media related thoughts: 

1) Robin Hood: I don't if I rambled about the end of series 3 but if I have I think it deserves being repeated.  Sir Guy actually managed to get hotter in series 3, I don't entirely know how, but yeah it got to the point where Scruffles didn't even seem to stand a chance.  Collapse )

2)  Kyle XY:Collapse )

3)  Lost:  Collapse )

4)  Burn Notice: Collapse )rful.

5) Star Trek:  Collapse )

There will be a post with nerdish delight over the wonderfulness of Worldcon in a bit.  

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Scifi extravaganza


43science-fiction04-m138.jpg    Not long now until I leave for Worldcon.  I am beyond excited--ridiculously stoked, especially considering who is nominated for a Hugo this year (especially the short film presentation category--if the people at all connected to them are there to accept an award this convention will be EPIC, enough said).  I'm pretty close to packed, I have to be given that I'm leaving Thursday morning and working until 11:15 Wednesday night.  The big plan is to go carry-on, keep everything minimal, to about one bag, and have a bag packed for all the treasures I intend to buy, so on the return trip I will still be carry-on.  My mother would be so proud.

I very much feel like I've earned this holiday, especially after this last week of work.  I had a ton of days in a row with long shifts and have been pretty much running on exhausted, also tomorrow I'm going to be working from 9 am until 11:15 pm (two different jobs)--I deserve some R&R.  And what better way to kick-back then with a weekend of science fiction?

On the job front all I really have to say is that I've collected some pretty interesting stories--it's amazing how bad/rude/obnoxious some of the customers can be.  It is really rather special.  It'll be nice once this summer is over and I can retreat back to the safe world of academia where nobody yells at me for things not even remotely connected to me and where my feet don't hurt so much by the end of the day that I have to hobble around the house.  Grad school and all the panic-filled-near-nervous-break-down-inducing thesis stuff will be a wonderful and welcome change.


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 Life continues on in its strange little way.  I've now really and truly started my second job.  I will reserve judgement on it until I've been there a bit longer.  It is pretty sweet though being able to watch so many movies.  My second batch was Full Metal Jacket, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Scream 2 and Pathfinder.  None of them were exceptional, though I did sort of enjoy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  Today I got On the Waterfront, An Officer and a Gentlemen, Jane Austen Book Club and some other movie that has Jeremy Irons in it.  I'll have to see if I enjoy these more.

It's been exceedingly quiet here, though this is kind of nice.  I'm working quite a bit this week (I think Friday is the only day this week that I don't work) so having some sense of downtime is nice.  Other than that though it's a little lonely what with my parents out of town.  The dog has been very cuddly in their absense, especially when there is food around.

I've been on a bit of an Elizabeth Gaskell kick.  I watched North and South, again, this afternoon (and was in tears towards the end--I really do love that mini series), have started to watch some of Cranford, and these last few weeks I have been reading Mary Barton.  I rather enjoy her style of writing, and it provides a nice escape during my breaks.

I am counting down until Worldcon and until I leave for Scotland.

movie time

 I have officially started work at Blockbuster.  Well, I did orientation which counted as me on the clock which means free rentals!!  After orientation I swung by the store where I will work and got some films.  And since I've been watching so much stuff lately I figured it was time for a media post.

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Am currently watching Empire of the Sun.  It's one of those movies I've heard about (I believe it is supposed to be based on the early life of JG Ballard) and figured I should check it out.  It's kind of messed up, more than a little disturbing.  When he's just roaming around the house all by himself it's sort of horrible, and then when the truck is leaving without him...yeah, It's really good but I don't think I'd watch it again.

Oh, and Mum and I went and saw the Proposal. Collapse )
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 So I started to watch the new episodes of True Blood and all I have to say is


Seriously, was Eric wearing foils in his hair?!  Was he doing a beat down while dyeing his hair...with foils?!  This show is wonderful, beyond cracked sometimes, but wonderful.  And it certainly doesn't hurt that the guys are all good looking.


It seems like every time I post there's been tons of stuff going on.  Basically I've been hanging around home, got quite a bit of knitting done, been able to spend a ton of time with my dad AND i've had three interviews.  After returning from BC I had an interview with Wal-Mart, perhaps not my first choice, but for two and a half months I'm cool with that, and then I had a second interview with them (which included having to fill out a criminal records check, lol), and I got a call from HR at the university saying that they'd have a month long position (a month full time at the downtown campus seems pretty sweet to me) and I had that interview, which I *think* went well, but I haven't heard anything from them yet.  I have since been hired by Wal-Mart (did orientation tonight and will be doing CBL tomorrow--my mom laughed/mocked when I showed her my vest and name tag).  It's weird to think that I've finally been hired somewhere, that I'm gonna finally get paid.  I'm still hoping to hear back from the university about the job there, my hope is that I'll be able to do the usual business hours there and then work nights and weekends at Wal-Mart.  I really want that job.  It seems like it would be pretty awesome, and really good experience.  If I don't get it then I'm gonna do the Wal-Mart gig and the job I was previously hired for (which starts week after next, or at least orientation does).

In knitting news, I finished the bat shawl.  It looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.  I am so proud of that beast, and proud of the fact that I finished the border in about  2 and half days.  Not bad, especially considering there were a number of mistakes in the pattern.  I also started/completed a lace scarf.  I finally used the yarn Meghan gave me for Christmas (it was a gorgeous chunky purple, and I think lamb's wool, silk and nylon).  I did it on 5.5 mm needles and got a rather wonderful chunky scarf (used the Lace Ribbon pattern), though it's a bit short. Sadly the skein was only 91 yds.  *le sigh*  Pictures to follow.

On the school front, I haven't heard anything from Aberdeen since my acceptance letter, despite having e-mailed them.  I think tomorrow I'm going to have to call, which means getting up obscenely early to deal with the time difference.  Also, got an e-mail from Glasgow saying that I had been accepted there.  Kind of psyched about that.  It's nice to feel wanted, or at least to not be an undesirable.
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we're all going on a...summer holiday

no more working for a...week or two.  Argh.  I have had Cliff Richards songs stuck in my head for the last couple days.  Well, I've actually had Summer Holiday stuck in my head. 

I have now been BC for about 2 days.  Friday we left bright and early in the morning (got up at 6:30 and hit the road at 7) and motored our way across to Calgary.  Got in at an okay time and had dinner and visiting at my Grandma's place.  I have to say her old-people condo is pretty sweet.  It doesn't have air conditioning, but still pretty cool.  I sadly had to sleep on the pull-out couch, which I realized she's had since I was little (and it not really the most comfortable place to sleep).  Saturday we all hung out, went to Chapters where they had a wicked awesome sale and I got a copy of Pints & Purls (a ton of patterns that I want to try) and Cranford.  Yay.  And then in the evening we went for dinner at Earl's, had some yummy mojitos :)  Sunday we headed out to the airport and met up with Eileen and Ray.  We then sort of convoyed to the grocery store, onward to Canmore, Radium (where we stopped to swim in the hot springs) and then to Fairmont.  Upon arrival we cracked open the gin, and got the tonic cold.  Had a brilliant evening of sitting on the patio drinking g&t and munching.  Eileen got to chatting with some of the neighbours, and I got to hear all sorts of interesting family stories, some of which were pretty crazy.  By the time I crawled off to bed (another pull-out couch, but much mroe comfortable) I had had quite a few drinks.

Yesterday we drove to Invermere, walked from the far end of the town down to Kinsmen Beach where we had lunch (and drinks) on the patio by the beach.  We then drove around a bit, found out some info about local spas and the local hot springs, and were back in time for happy hour.  The evening had us making a bit more of a sit down dinner (and by us I mean mum and Eileen) and the guys got lots of smoke drifting into the place when bbqing the steaks.  And so we finished out the evening sitting on the patio with some drinks and a lovely view of the Rockies (and a golf course).

Today, upon waking up, I discovered that it had been decided we would do a hike.  And so we piled into the car and travelled several kms down the highway, only to realize we had gone past the trail.  So we headed back down the highway and found the HooDoo trail.  We then hiked up (the thing about the elevation being over just the first 500m was a lie) and I do mean up.  I think the elevation was supposed to be about 837-900 ft.  On the main way up I was kind of close to having an asthma attack ( was pretty much hyperventilating) but I was able to get past it, and dad and I took the path a bit slower and went at a more leisurely pace.  I was quite happy to get back to the car by the time we finished though.  All the grit from the path was getting up in my shoes and giving me some blisters :(  I'm hoping that they're not too bad.  I got some pretty cool pictures.  We then had some lunch (after we got back) and are relaxing before we head out to the pool.
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 I got the job!  Yay.  I am now employed.  Sort of.  They can't actually hire anyone until the start of July, but when they are able to hire people they want to hire me.  Yay!!!
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