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 In the general world of updates:

- made potato pancakes and cheesecake brownies last weekend.  I just randomly felt like cooking and they turned out really good.  It was quite a bit of fun--had gone into town to buy tickets to London, then stopped by HMV where I found Lost in Austen super cheap (seriously.  super cheap), and then to Morrison's for groceries, and back to the flat where I, along with help from a flatmate (who had been a part of the whole adventure) made food.

- London trip pretty well sorted.  We now have our train tickets AND have booked rooms at the hostel (well...hostels, could only get 2 nights at the one i had originally found, and then found another in the same area for the third night).  I've been compiling a list of things that I want to see, and discovered a website that has cheap tickets for West End shows, so might be able to see We Will Rock You or Dreamboats and Petticoats (trying to decide which).   For those that read this and know anything about either musical let me know any thoughts you might have.

- classes started this week, seems like it will be a good term, though crazy busy.  My seminars so far have been good, today's was fantastic.  There are 3 of us in the Thursday one, and we spent most of the class discussing what Mythology means, what a myth is, and how they relate to history. 

- passport issues have, yet again, occurred.  Apparently, they aren't able to send passports to anywhere except Canada and the US (despite what the woman at the passport office told me).  And so now I have to go to Edinburgh to get my passport renewed, which apparently involves my parents sending me my birth certificate, or taking it to the passport office at home and having them fax a certified copy.  Argh.  This is not cool.  At all.  I am so beyond displeased.  It also didn't help that my father's reaction was to ask if I actually need a Canadian passport.  I am trying to take this in stride, however, and will see if the sibling wants to go while he's visiting and make a site-seeing trip of it (I doubt many tourists can say that they've been to the Canadian consulate in Edinburgh), or will go the week before and see if some of my friends want to go.  But ARGH!!!!
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