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start up activities continue

 We now have a functioning toilet!  Words cannot express how nice it is to know that if you wake up at 2 am you have access to a washroom.

Yesterday ended up being pretty full, things to do keep popping up.  So, I got up early to go to the bank and discovered that I had to get the first type of account (b/c i have no credit history in the UK) which was a little frustrating, but I was able to get it filled in at the bank, so not too bad.  I then wandered down to the bus stop and caught (the right) bus down to Union Street where I went on a quest for a cellphone.  I managed to find a few different shops, eventually deciding on Phones 4U where I managed to get a mobile and 20 pound top up for a little over 30 pounds.  Thought that was pretty sweet.  I then wandered a bit, eventually ending up at the grocery store where I picked up a few items and caught the bus home--was very proud of myself being able to navigate public transit.

The afternoon had me going to a skills confirmation thing to see about getting a job working with disabled students.  I had to take notes while the person gave an impromptu lecture and then proof-reading a very unfortunate paragraph.  Here's hoping I can get some sort of job, maybe actually be able to cover the cost of my food.  I then stuck around the Macrobert building waiting for the international student meeting, I lurked around the tiki cafe there reading The Diamond Age (mum, if you read this you should tell dad that i have started to read the book).  In the evening one of my flatmates and myself made our way to the creative writing society.  It was pretty much what you'd expect from a roomful of writers.  It seemed like a really good bunch, an interesting mix of styles and undergrad and postgrads.  After the meeting we went on to another pub.  We ended up staying there until closing chatting with people.  Ended up bonding with some of the members over scifi, and other nerdy stuff.  On the walk home (which took at least 30-40 min.) we saw bunnies hopping down a campus road.  I kid you not!  Bunnies!  Just hopping down the middle of the road.  What is with Scottish wildlife and roads?

Today was another day with an early start.  I made my way over to my academic advising meeting where I finally got to choose my classes!  I now have a schedule, sort of.  One of my classes for this term won't start until the week after next, but the other two start on Monday, at the same time.  So I have to figure out which course I'm going to go to on Monday and wait for my schedule to be sorted out.

My list of course as of now are
- First Year Gaelic (gonna see if it is beyond easy and then maybe move up to second year, but want to relearn all of the grammar)
- Medieval Welsh
- Seminar on Celtic Topics
- Trolls, Druids and the Walking Dead
- sources stuff for my dissertation
- Norse Religion and Mythology

After advising, I then went and got my id card and then had coffee with one of the other celt studies students.  It's been great how I've been able to get to know people and have some people that I've met and know in different parts of campus.  There's a Celtic Society meeting tonight that I would kind of like to go to, but it's a bit of a hike to get to the pub it'll be at and I'm not so sure I want to be walking around in the dark by myself.  I think tonight will be a much needed rest night (Wed. night there was a wine reception thing).  I'm gonna chillax, tidy my room and get some sleep.  And get ready for the start of classes.  I am a little scared for that.
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